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New Database: Anthropology Plus

We recently acquired a database especially for Anthropology students and staff. The request for this database came from one of the anthropology staff members and after comparing the journal coverage of Anthropology Plus with our other social science databases, I … Continue reading

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SoCa Scripties uit het Oost-Indisch Huis

Na een vondst van Sociologie en Antropologie scripties op een zoldertje in het Oost- Indisch huis, hebben de afdelingen Antropologie en Sociologie in samenwerking met de bibliotheek en(!) vrijwilliger Pieter de Rooij deze scripties gedigitaliseerd (meer over de woelige geschiedenis … Continue reading

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New in the UvA-library: Emerging trends in the social and behavioral sciences

With over 400 cross-referred essays drawn from anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology, this new Wiley resource ¬ępromotes interdisciplinary and multi-layered awareness on key topics, [is] designed to grow organically with additional essays from relevant disciplines, […] [and] provides … Continue reading

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Evaluating sources on a topic: inequality

Some weeks ago on this blog, my colleague Agnes Dessing addressed the topic of inequality: Why inequality is bad for democracy. Agnes’ contribution gives me a nice opportunity to republish (albeit, adjusted) a post from my former blog, where I … Continue reading

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Twitter and homophobia and the UvA-Library

Nohomophobes, an initiative of the ISMSS Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta, keeps track of how often tweets include the words faggot, dyke, so gay and no homo, and is therefore ¬ędesigned as a … Continue reading

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DOAB Directory of Open Access Books

With 214 titles out of the database total figure of 2.192, Amsterdam University Press is well represented at DOAB Directory of Open Access Books, whose primary aim is to increase the visibility and use of academic open access books. The … Continue reading

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