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Women murdered by (ex)partners: some figures

Last week, Zeit Online made available an extended report by the title Frauenmorde: Von ihren Männern getötet (Murdered women: killed by their men). While addressing the situation in Germany – yet not without some international comparisons – the article, and … Continue reading

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Computational Communication Research: a new OA-journal

Founded from the Computational Methods Interest Group at the ICA International Communication Association and published by the Amsterdam University Press, Computational Communication Research is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal «that encourages and facilitates the sharing of 1) developments in computational tools … Continue reading

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Fake news: a video from the UvA Library

The UvA Library has made a video on fake news, available both in English (see below) and in Dutch. More on the video – and on the topic – can be found at the History & American Studies Library blog.

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Fake news in historical perspective: an article by Marc Bloch

Last week, while reading Francesco Filippi’s Mussolini ha fatto anche cose buone: le idiozie che continuano a circolare sul fascismo (Mussolini also did some good things: the idiocies that keep going around about fascism), I came across a reference to … Continue reading

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No land for love: IHLIA photo exhibition about LGBTQ+ asylum seekers

Open from April 19th to June 8th at IHLIA’s (International Homo/Lesbian Information center and Archive) – on the third floor of Amsterdam Central Library – No land for love features black and white portraits by French photographer Jean-Christophe Husson, who … Continue reading

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I cannot access a journal article I found (via Google Scholar). What do I do now?

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A quote for the new year: Thomas Mann on ‘the people’

Thomas Mann, Doktor Faustus. Das Leben des deutschen Tonsetzers Adrian Leverkühn, erzählt von einem Freunde, Stockholm: Bermann-Fischer Verlag, 1947. «To a friend of enlightenment the word and conception “the folk” has always something anachronistic and alarming about it; he knows … Continue reading

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