UvA-Library and open access: Sociological Science

sociological science tweetAs from last march, the Library of the University of Amsterdam has become a member of the open access, scholarly journal Sociological Science, an «online, peer-reviewed, international journal for social scientists committed to advancing a general understanding of social processes […] Accepted works are freely available, and authors retain copyright […] Sociological Science will make editorial decisions within 30 days […] encourages a high ratio of novel ideas and insights to written words […] is intended as a forum for commentary and debate aimed at advancing sociological knowledge and bringing into the open conversations that usually occur behind the scenes between authors and reviewers». The journal’s editorial team includes researchers from Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, New York University, Stanford, UCLA and Yale.

sociological science

The initiative to support Sociological Science came from:
– the Library itself, due to our institution’s broad commitment to open access and with it the specific wish to support non-profit scholarly journals next to what has been done at a National level between Dutch Universities and big publishing houses;

– the Department of Sociology, where several staff members – among them Thijs Bol, Giselinde Kuipers en Beate Volker – asked about ways of supporting Sociological Science, at a time when associate professor Olav Velthuis was actively involved with changing also Sociologie (a Dutch sociological journal closely bound to the UvA) into an open access publication.

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