DOAB Directory of Open Access Books

With 214 titles out of the database total figure of 2.192, Amsterdam University Press is well represented at DOAB Directory of Open Access Books, whose primary aim is to increase the visibility and use of academic open access books. The database is therefore «open to all publishers who publish academic, peer reviewed books in Open Access».


If you browse the database by subject, you’ll see that Social Sciences are nicely represented with over 800 books, with the lion’s share for Political science (252 titles) and Sociology (164). Evelien Tonkens’ (with Tsjalling Swierstra of Maastricht University) De beste de baas? Verdienste, respect en solidariteit in een meritocratie and Jan Willem Duyvendak‘s (with Peter van der Graaf of Teesside University) Thuis voelen in de buurt, een opgave voor stedelijke vernieuwing: Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar de buurthechting van bewoners in Nederland en Engeland are among the titles contributed by UvA Sociologists.

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